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February is American Heart Month! Let's Get Moving!

Did you know that preschool age children 3-5 are encouraged to engage in active play 3 hours per day, and children 6-17 should be getting at least 1 hour of moderate to vigorous activity daily?

Active kids are shown to have improved:

  • Bone health

  • Brain function

  • Physical fitness

  • Attention

  • Academic Performance.

  • Weight management

  • Mental health


Here are some fun activities to get your kids moving!

Take A Walk:

Take advantage of these warmer winter days to take a stroll through the neighborhood, or if possible head out to your local hiking trails. Check out one of these scavenger hunts to keep the kids engaged:

Have an indoor dance party: Put on your favorite tunes and dance your heart out! Try playing freeze dance, or musical chairs.

Play The Floor is Lava:

Set up pillows and blankets on the floor and have fun jumping across them, last one to step on the lava(floor) is the winner. You’re sure to have lots of giggles, along with improved cardiovascular and gross motor skills. Make it more challenging by collecting items from across the room and racing to bring them back to the other side.

Balloon Soccer: Set up a goal using a large box or laundry basket, blow up some balloons and race to get them in the goal.

Additional Ideas: Take a bike or scooter ride, play catch, hula hoop, jump rope, play tag, hop scotch, or go to your local indoor playground or trampoline park.


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