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Camilla McRae ORT/L
Occupational Therapist


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       Camilla  was inspired to be an Occupational Therapist after watching her father personally participate in rehabilitation treatment following his heart attack when she was in college. She saw the incredible difference the therapists made in his recovery.

She have over 16 years’ experience working with people of all ages in multiple environments she fell in love with the field of pediatrics after having her own children who struggled with behavioral, developmental, and sensory challenges. Her career has spanned 15 states and even overseas in the Northern Mariana Islands before she decided to take time off to pursue the meaningful role of home-school mom to them.

       She has received multiple certifications over the years, including those focused on feeding, oral-motor techniques, pre-writing skills, sensory intervention, motor control, neuroplasticity and development. 

      The best advice she has been given is from people who have told her she can’t.  She has always been motivated by them, and has come to look at things from different perspectives, she often feels the word “no” can give you the power to do more. 

      If she could learn to do anything, it would be to fluently comprehend and speak in all languages across the globe. Camilla believes that the most beautiful experiences come from being able to listen, engage and learn from individuals and families everywhere.

       You can feel confident that she will bring compassion to every treatment situation. Her OT and life experiences give her a unique outlook grounded in empathy and understanding for the anxiety families face. Empowering you to overcome and succeed together is her goal.

      Outside of work, she finds Zen with dogs, walking, anything chocolate, the color orange, music, gardening, birding, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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